Elim Medi Hand

Rebalancing, polishing and moisturising with Elim MediHand

Hands are the first area of your body where initial signs of ageing appears. This is primarily because they are constantly exposed to UV rays and UV lamps. Elim MediHand contains ingredients that have a unique role in helping with anti-ageing, hydration and detoxification with their state of the art ingredients. They are focused on obtaining great results and never compromising on the experience.

Remove dull, dead skin cells and rebalance the PH of your skin at the same time. The unique thermal agent actively enhances penetration of minerals and anti-ageing actives. All this, paired with sweet almond oil, chamomile, natural olive oil and beeswax. Each precious ingredient acts as a multi-active skin conditioner to leave your hands looking radiant and polished.

Experience an Elim MediHand manicure soon!

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