Hands and Feet

A gorgeous set of Bio Sculpture gel nails

Extra care

Sometimes, your nails need a little more attention in addition to a manicure, even if you are careful when using your hands.  At last, there is a range of ‘first aid’ for your nails! Whenever you feel in need, I’m here to help with these extra treatment options. Please ask if you’re not sure what will be the best one for you, and I will be pleased to give you further information.

IBX Treatment £27

Nail Repairs £6 per nail

Silk Extension (maximum 2 nails) £1.50 per nail

Silk Repair 50p per nail

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Heavenly Hands

Your hands are always on show, however, a manicure will enhance the appearance of your nails, no matter how long or short they are.

Firstly and most importantly, I use top of the range Elim Medihand professional products with Navy Pro tools. When I carry out manicure treatments, firstly I exfoliate, trim, tidy, shape and moisturise, finally finishing with a polish or gel of your choice.  Hands down, these are some of my favourite treatments!

Manicures using Elim and Navy tools


Bio Sculpture Gels £45

Bio Sculpture French Gels £48

Gel Soak Off with Mini Manicure and IBX (No Polish) £35

IBX Treatment added to Gels £10

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Elim Manicure with Polish £40

Elim Manicure without Polish £35

Elim Manicure with IBX £42

Mini Manicure with Polish £28

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Relaxation after a pedicure at Le Massage and Beauty Cabin
Fabulous feet at Le Massage and Beauty Cabin

Fabulous Feet

Reportedly, we walk 115,000 miles on our feet in a lifetime, causing the skin on our feet to dry out.  This can subsequently result in firstly, peeling and then also painful cracks appearing. Footlogix® is the world’s first and only Pediceutical® foot care line. Most importantly, they offer highly concentrated, uniquely innovative products that specifically provide effective and transformational results.


Bio Sculpture Gels £38

Bio Sculpture Signature Pedicure with Gels £50

IBX Treatment added to Gels £10

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Bio Sculpture Signature Pedicure with Polish £42

Mini Pedicure with Polish £28

Pedicure with IBX £37

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There’s definitely no need to hide your feet especially as there are such effective treatments available, that each  specifically target foot concerns.
If you’re not sure which one will be best for you, let me know and I will be happy to explain the benefits of each one.

IBX Treatment £27

Footlogix Callus Peel from £10

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Footcare Advice

Product Profile

For treatments on the hands or feet, there are so many undeniably good product ranges that I have used in the past.  However, when I was introduced to these incredible ranges, I decided to use and retail them.  This was, not least in light of their overall effectiveness in addition to their amazing extra benefits. They all include active ingredients to combat a range of hand and feet concerns, while, equally importantly, gently caring for your nails too.

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