IBX Treatments

Repairing, strengthening and protecting products from IBX Natural Nail Strengthening Treatment

Used by nail technicians all over the world, IBX is a HEMA-Free repairing, strengthening system made to toughen and protect the natural nail plate.

When IBX can be used

The two-part system repairs the nail from within working inside the nail plate not on top like traditional repairing polish. It fuses the nails top layers making it an ideal treatment under gel overlays, on natural nails, when used on the new growth area before having gel rebalancing or acrylic enhancements, or after their removal.

Using an innovative, high quality formulation based on knowledge about the structure of the nail and research, IBX aims to offer your nails a strengthening treatment that actually works. It creates an impenetrable shield on the nail surface to encourage nail growth. So, that’s less breaking and improved flexibility.

Improved appearance with IBX Natural Nail Strengthening Treatment

As the nail grows and regenerates, you see that the treatment helps to smooth out ridges in the nail to create a better appearance, and the occurrence of white spots on the nail will also become less frequent.

Stop hiding problem nails and let the health and shine of your natural nails be the centre of attention!

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